Adjustable Wig Head for Travel & Salon, Styrofoam, Collapsible Compact Stand Expands for Long and Short Wigs by Adolfo Design

Adjustable Wig Head for Travel and Salon - Black Stand, Styrofoam Head, Collapsible Compact Stand Expands for Long and Short Wigs - by Adolfo Design

  • COLLAPSIBLE STAND: While this wig stand expands to an impressive 17" height for long wigs, it also contracts to a medium 14", 11", and 9", and a short 6" for flexible wig styling and maintenance. Perfect for Salon.
  • PERFECT WIG TRAVEL: Take it anywhere! This styrofoam top wig head collapses completely for compact carrying when you're on-the-go. Simply part the wig hair in the back and wrap around the bottom of the base.
  • EASY TO USE: Simply pin your wig onto the styrofoam head and adjust the height, using the adjustable stand to fit its length. When traveling, press down to minimum compact height, or fold completely when not in use.
  • CONVENIENT: This sturdy stand is strong enough to support even long and heavy wigs, yet lightweight enough for easy carrying and fuss-free travel. Perfect for a traveling stylist to bring along to client's homes.
  • PROTECT YOUR WIG: This foldable stand will protect your wig. The styling head rocks back and forth to make washing, cutting, and styling your wig easier, while easily fitting into a travel case for on-the-go.
VERSATILE STYLENo matter what your wig style; long, short, or mid length, straight, curly, or wavy, bouncy or flat, this foam head with collapsible stand is for you! The standard sized head circumference with good curvature fits practically any wig head or cap, and the adjustable height, ranging from a tall 17" and 14", to a medium 11", to a short 9", to a minimum height of 6", accommodates any length wig. Cut, curl, straighten, and style your wig to fit your own individual taste! Have fun expre

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