Wigbandz Original ELASTIC Maximum Comfort Wig Grip Velcro Free Wig Band – Size Medium/Large (Tan)

CherryLabel Wigbandz Elastic Velcro-Free Wig Band, Tan

  • Secures Wigs, Hats and Scarves in Place without Combs, Clips, Glues or Tapes
  • Velcro Free Design Eliminates Irritation and Headaches from Traditional Wig Fasteners, Prevents Bald Spots
  • Bulk Free, Smooth Design Allows for a Seamless, More Comfortable Wear
  • Circumference Adjustable from 18" - 20" Relaxed
  • Machine Washable (machine wash cold with like colors)
Wigbandz features the innovative adjustable elastic wig grip for the ultimate in comfort. With the adjustable elastic, the one size band can be adjusted to suit a wide range of sizes without any discomfort at the nape of the neck.

List Price: $ 15.99 Price: $ 15.99

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