Wigmate Over Door Multiple Wig Stand/Hanger + Shower Base for No-Mess Drip Drying

Wigmate Wig Stand, Portable Wig Stand, Wig Dryer

  • The Over Door Hanger discreetly stores multiple wigs behind any door.
  • Transfer the arm from the Door Hanger to the included Adhesive Base to drip dry your wigs in the shower or even over a tub or sink avoiding the watery mess.
  • Maintain your wigs style and integrity while keeping your wigs discreet and saving valuable space that ordinary Styrofoam heads and wig stands take up.
  • The unique "W" hanger allows for air to circulate better during drying to provide a quicker drying time.
  • Works with every wig type due to the versatility of the arm allowing wigs to be hung upside down or right side up and is especially great for longer wigs.
Stores your wigs discreetly behind a door while maintaining the style and integrity of the wigs. Includes an adhesive base that can be use for convenient storage placement or placed onto the wall of a shower, tub or sink for drip drying. The arm easily transfers between the Over Door Wig Hanger and the Adhesive Base. Wigs can be hung upside down or right side up depending on your preference. It's the perfect solution for storing and drying a wigs. Also works great with Hair Extensions and Weaves

List Price: $ 16.95 Price: $ 16.95

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