The Wig Biz -Buying and Selling Wigs and Hair for Profit

The Wig Biz -Buying and Selling Wigs and Hair for Profit

If you are looking for the inside scoop on starting and running a profitable wig or hair goods business, you are in the right place! Retailing wigs, hair and hair goods can be a very profitable venture. But getting into the business can be challenging. Even if you have a background in cosmetology or hairdressing, finding the information you need about the industry is time consuming and often frustrating. Some of the common questions people ask are, "What does it take to get into the business?" a


Historical Wig Styling: Victorian to the Present (The Focal Press Costume Topics Series) (Volume 2)

Let Historical Wig Styling be your guide to creating beautiful, historically accurate hairstyles for your productions and events. Chapters begin with artwork of historic figures that influenced the look of each period. Detailed step-by-step instructions explain how to create their iconic hairstyles, illustrated by photographs showing the finished look from every angle. This volume covers hairstyles from the Victorian era through the contemporary styles of today. Learn how to create hairstyles

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