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Instant Killer Wig Reviews

Instant Killer Wig

As I was reading Instant Killer Wig, the thought occurred to me that the book might simply—”poof”—disappear in my hands, because the poems got into my head—the way they shape shift through all the angles of uncertainty while seeking stasis in a time when the world is literally melting away underneath us. Our shapes and figures will never be united, if we want to be honest about it, and that’s what these poems are: honest—yet at the same time, open to the beautiful, dissembling pr

List Price: $ 15.00 Price: $ 11.00

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Waking Gods: Book Two of The Themis Files

Waking Gods: Book Two of The Themis Files

In the gripping sequel to Sleeping Giants, Sylvain Neuvel’s innovative series about human-alien contact takes another giant step forward.

“Sleeping Giants may have debuted his thrilling saga, but Waking Gods proves that Neuvel’s scope is more daring than readers could have imagined.”—Paste

As a child, Rose Franklin made an astonishing discovery: a giant metallic hand, buried deep within the earth. As an adult, she’s dedicated her brilliant scientific career to solving

List Price: $ 16.00 Price: $ 5.00

Memoirs of an Old Wig

Memoirs of an Old Wig

This is a reproduction of a classic text optimised for kindle devices. We have endeavoured to create this version as close to the original artefact as possible. Although occasionally there may be certain imperfections with these old texts, we believe they deserve to be made available for future generations to enjoy.


Primary Phonics – The Wig – Set 5 Book 1-10 (workbooks and phonetic storybooks for kindergarten through grade four, set 1 book 10)

Primary Phonics - The Wig - Set 5 Book 1-10 (workbooks and phonetic storybooks for kindergarten through grade four, set 1 book 10)

From the Primary Phonics series by Educators Publishing Service, this is "The Wig", from Set 1, Book 4 in a large set of phonetic readers for kindergarten through grade four. Each book focuses on a particular phonetic sound in a short, illustrated story. "The Wig" is about a cat and dog that find a wig and create havoc with it. The story utilizes all the short vowel sounds and selected consonants.

Price: $ 108.70

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King’s Fall: Moryan Chronicles Book 1

King's Fall: Moryan Chronicles Book 1

The Kali Yuga has already begun. It is 327 BCE. The reviled emperor Mahendra Nanda treacherously invades one of the last free kingdoms of Jambu Morya after assassinating their king under a banner of peace. Arjuna, the crown prince of Morya, retaliates by invading the Magadhan capital of Pataliputra and executing the emperor in his own palace; but his vengeance bring to light a dark secret. The empire itself is servant to a greater power, a power that few even know to exist the Temple of Sorcery,

List Price: $ 22.99 Price: $ 9.52