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Q&A: Wig help for Tate Langon cosplay?

Question by Jo: Wig help for Tate Langon cosplay?
Anyone cosplayed him?
Because I’d looove to cosplay this guy:
but I can’t really find a good wig… I know that I could use for example a wig made for Hetalia Germany, but every wig I’ve seen just looks kind of.. wrong. Not natural. Do you know any quality wigs with an-OK-price that could go for him? Or just wigs that look like they’re quality?

Oh, and if you know any online tips on stylizing wigs it’d be nice if you could link something here (the hairstyle for the character I linked earlier) because I’ve never really tried to actually do anything with my wigs and I know that I will probably have to do that this time, since I’d like to make the wig look as natural as possible.-

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how to make wigs less shiny?

Question by Kate: how to make wigs less shiny?
Synthetic wigs have unnatural sheen, which makes it looks unrealistic. so do you know how to make them less shiny?

Best answer:

Answer by Sarah
HairSpray but be sure to brush it through or else it’ll be sticky.

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Does Lady Gaga wears a wig?

Question by Vik: Does Lady Gaga wears a wig?
does Lady Gaga wears a wig or used to? if she does… how does she looks like?

Best answer:

Answer by shepe s
She wears wigs sometimes, doesn’t sometimes

usually she does though

without wigs, her hair is a normal blond color (nothing crazy like her wigs are)

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What are semi-finished wigs?

Question by Fiona: What are semi-finished wigs?
do you have some idea about semi-finished wigs?

Best answer:

Answer by Angie
I wear extensions, but I’ve never heard of semi finished wigs before. I’m guessing it’s another name for half wigs, which are basically normal wigs that only cover half of your head (the back)to blend with your natural hair in the front. Here are some pictures to give you a better idea:

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Q&A: How to buy a human hair wig?

Question by Jessie: How to buy a human hair wig?
what factors do you take into consider when you buy a human hair wig?

Best answer:

Answer by Dick Alexander Lemons
shave someones hair in the middle of the night and the super glue it to a hat and wear the hat

theres inspiration

your welcome,
Dr. Dick A Lemmons

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