No-Slip Wig Band Scarf Gripper

No-Slip Wig Band Scarf Gripper

  • Thin Velour band keeps wigs or scarves in place
  • Say goodbye to wig clips and adhesives.
  • Comfortable all day wear
  • Velcro Closure
  • Landana Headscarves
This is a thin velour band that you can wear under a wig, headscarf, or pretied bandana. It will grip the scalp or hair as well as the top layer to keep your scarves or wig from slipping or sliding. When wearing this no-slip wig gripper, you do not need any clips, adhesive or bobby pins to keep it in place. Wig Band measures 19.5 inches long and stretches to accomodate most head sizes. To wear, place on your head like a headband and velcro in the back. if band slips, reverse direction and it wil


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