WIG, BANDANA, & SUNGLASSES – 80’s Rock Star Heavy Metal Musician Costume Set Reviews

WIG, BANDANA, & SUNGLASSES - 80's Rock Star Heavy Metal Musician Costume Set (Black/White Sunglasses & Red Bandana)

  • FREE SUNGLASSES & FREE BANDANA: This package provides all the necessary ingredients for a rockin costume
  • HISILLI ComfortCap(TM): Breathable inner wig design lets you party all night long...Also, two additional nylon wig caps included to hold your hair in place for extra comfort
  • HISILLI SuperStretch(TM) CAP TECHNOLOGY: One size fits ALL men, women and children
  • PERFECT FOR ALL OCCASIONS: Wear this to your next Metallica concert, Halloween party, football tailgate, birthday party, bachelor / bachelorette party, work event, wedding, blind date...The list goes on!
  • TOP QUALITY HAIR FIBER: Synthetic fiber has never rocked so hard.
This package comes with: 1) High End Rock Star Wig 2) Sunglasses 3) Bandana 5) 2 Nylon Wig Caps. This is a top of the line wig and we guarantee it gives you a top of the line good time. Put it on and let the party come to you. With this wig, you not only get the party experience, but you also get a product made of: 1) TOP QUALITY HAIR FIBER - Release your wig with complete confidence! 2) HISILLI SuperStretch(TM) CAP TECHNOLOGY - one size fits ALL men, women and children 3) HISILLI ComfortCap(TM)

List Price: $ 14.95 Price: $ 14.95

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