Blink Ultra X Eyelash Extension Bonding Glue Adhesive 5 g Reviews

Blink Ultra X Eyelash Extension Bonding Glue Adhesive 5 g

  • VERY FASTEST DRYING TIME - Ultra X glue was designed to provide the absolute fastest drying time.
  • VERY LOWEST VISCOSITY GLUE - shake bottle for 30-45 seconds to properly mix before use - glue is extremely thin, liquid consistency, and black in color.
  • STRONGEST BOND - Approximately 5-6 weeks bonding period. STRONG FUMES.
  • FOR EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY - DO NOT use on self, DO NOT use with strip or flare lashes.
  • USE AS DIRECTED - DO NOT use on skin, clients eyes must remain closed for duration of appointment.
BLINK ULTRA X Glue Adhesive for Eyelash Extensions is formulated to be extremely fast drying. VERY LOWEST VISCOSITY and VERY FASTEST DRYING TIME - super thin and runny glue but also very strong bond period up to 5-6 weeks. Extremely fast drying time of only 1 second for easy for quick lash application. Black and very liquid in texture. FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY. PRODUCT DETAILS: SIZE: 5gram, COLOR: BLACK, BRAND: BLINK, ORIGIN: SOUTH KOREA, SETTING TIME: 1 SECOND, BOND: STRONGEST WITH HIGH FUMES.

List Price: $ 18.95 Price: $ 18.95

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