Eyelash Extension Mascara – And Eyeliner – Safe to Use with False Lashes – Oil Free

Eyelash Extension Mascara with Waterproof Mascara Base & Liquid Eyeliner with Waterproof Eyeliner Base Volumizing Mascara Makes Your Lashes POP Safe to Use with False Lashes & Sensitive Eyes

  • ★ EYELASH EXTENSION MASCARA - Voluminous Mascara That Has A Rich Oil Free Thickening And Lengthening Base Making your Eyelashes, False Eyelashes, or Lash Extensions POP★ WATERPROOF MASCARA -Water Resistant and Reusable. Wash Off With Mild Soap and Water
  • ★ LIQUID EYELINER -Fine Tip Liner for Winged and Everyday Looks and Effects. Hypoallergenic Eyeliner Safe For Sensitive Eyes and Contact Wearers
  • ★ WATERPROOF EYELINER PEN - Precision Tip Allows Smooth Lines and The Ability To Be Creative and Match Different Makeup Styles
  • ★ FALSE EYELASHES - Safe To Use On All Eyelash Extensions and False Eyelashes
A revolutionary break through in Eyelash Extension Waterproof Mascara and Waterproof Eyeliner which gives eyelashes a boost for a more full, flair, voluminous, or dramatic look over your natural or false eyelashes. The Lashes and Cosmetics Eyelash Extension Mascara is oil free and safe for use with all eyelash extensions (single, cluster, or strip eyelashes). Just apply on tips of lashes to give a lifted fuller look. Great for day or night. Get the flair look with the brush head by swiping along

List Price: $ 12.95 Price: $ 12.95

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