Eyelashes Extension 0.20 D Curl 8-14 Mix Length

Eyelashes Extension 0.20 D Curl 8-14 Mix Length

  • ❤Product specifications: Thickness 0.20mm curl D, Length 8-14mm,12 Rows / tray, Use carefuAlly selected Korean black PBT (Shin-Rong), 100% manual eyelash extension, hypoallergenic, no cruelty.
  • ❤Features:The thinnest thickness of the eyelash products, the lightest weight, especially soft, round hair, is extremely demanding for the technique of the grafting artist and the use of the tweezers.
  • ❤We are Quewel eyelash manufacturers, we try to provide the most complete eyelash products here
  • ❤Added curvature baking technology to make eyelashes last longer to have the flexibility resembling a natural lash yet the structure to withstand normal wear and tear while holding the perfect curl
  • ❤ Easy to remove, no residue, stable curl, grafting easily eyelash extensions, salon perfect use.
0.20mm Thickness Of Eyelashes Belongs To The Finest And Lightest Eyelash Products Of All Products.The Alias Is Velvet Eyelashes. Because The Thickness Is Extremely Thin, Only One-Third Of The Thickness Of Ordinary 0.10 Eyelashes Is Very Demanding For The Production Process, So It Is Very Precious. In Use, The Grafting Technology Requirements For Artists Are Also Relatively High. The Use Of This Eyelash Requires Better Scorpion And Higher Skill. The Effect Of Grafting Is Very Realistic, No Weig

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