About choose some wigs in cosplay?

Question by Louis Lee: About choose some wigs in cosplay?
I plan to start a cosplay and i should prepare costumes, i wonder how to choose some wigs, any good ideas?

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Answer by Harris Alan
Picture the hair of the fictional character that the wigged cosplay participant will be emulating. Decide on the length the wig should be. Browse for wigs by length first. Remember that wigs can be cut; if a longer wig looks better it is ok.
Look for wig color in the group of proper length. Dying a light color wig is an alternative if a wig with the correct color can not be found. Inspect the wig for damage before purchasing. Look for “bald spots” where hair is missing or tears in the base material.
Look to see how the wig attaches. Decide if a stretch-over wig is appropriate or if wig glue is needed. If the wig comes with pinning attachments or clips, try the wig on to feel comfort. Make movements while wearing the wig that are common in the participants’ cosplay sessions to ensure its stability and comfort.
Style the wig further using hair products. Apply hair gel to the wig to give a sleeker, wet look. Use hair glue to create stiffer specific shapes with the wig. Use normal (not hot) curlers to give a wavy look to the wig. Top off a finished style with hairspray to hold the wig in place.

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