Am I allergic to my wig?

Question by H-BOMB: Am I allergic to my wig?
I recently purchased a synthetic wig for a Velma (Scooby-Doo) costume for Dragon*Con. I am in the process of cutting it because it is a bob, but not exactly the shape of Velma’s hair. I am wearing it and wetting it in order to cut it and noticed that my face is becoming a bit itchy and red. I have wore wigs for costumes before and never noticed an allergic reaction. Is it possible that this is happening because the wig is wet or should I consider scrapping the wig?

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Answer by karly
I believe wig companies put a chemical on wigs to protect it from mildew and perhaps a few small insects. If you can carefully wash the wig without destroying it…
You may want to add a little Woolite to sink of cold water and just let the wig sit in there for about 5 mins. Then rinse out all the soap very well by holding it under the faucet or by cleaning out the soapy water and filling with fresh cold water to remove suds. You may need to rinse a few times. Roll wig in a towel to remove excess water and place wig on a large hairspray can (or something similar), so the wig can fall naturally to dry. (this may take all night)
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