Are Jewish wigs very popular now ?

by StuRap

Question by Ada: Are Jewish wigs very popular now ?
Jewish women still wear wigs ? If somebody now still wear Jewish wigs ? Something different Jewish wigs with other wigs ?

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Answer by Cat F
A “sheitel” is probably a lot more popular than you think. In fact, selecting and being fitted for one is a very big deal in many cultures. But because of religious and cultural issues surrounding it, unless you were a close friend, I’d doubt you’d ever know (or be told) by someone wearing one :)

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One thought on “Are Jewish wigs very popular now ?

  1. Janet

    it depends , Jewish wigs are only popular in Jewish commutities. but now Jewish wigs are not designed for Jewish women only now , because of their high quality they are also very popuar among Caucasian women who are looking for top quality wigs .


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