Bundle Monster (Trademark) New 20 Piece Grizzly and Solid Colored Feather Hair Extensions Kit with Silicone Beads and Hook in BM Gift Package

Get the latest in fashion hair accessories only offered to you by Bundle Monster. (Comes in BM Gift Package): 20- New 16-inch pieces of synthetic feather extensions with bonded tips in 10 different colors- 2 each: 7 Grizzly colors (striped design) and 3 Solid colors, 50 Silicone micro beads in 5 colors -10 each (Black, Dark Brown, Lighter Brown, Blond and Lighter Blond) and 1 Wooden Hook used to slide the bead on to your hair. This Do-It-Yourself kit is extremely easy to use and the extensions can be treated like your regular hair! The high-heat extensions can be washed, flat ironed, curled, cut and blow dried (heat up to 120 to 140 degrees). **These are NOT real feathers, they are synthetic printed/color fiber strands.** How to Use This Product: Step 1: Prep your wooden hook-n-slide tool by inserting a silicone micro bead through the wooden hook – choose the bead that matches your current hair color the most. Step 2: Take a section of your hair (5-10 strands of hair) – where ever you grab the hair is where you’ll like the extension to be attached to. Step 3: Use the hook portion of your wooden tool to grab your hair and slide your hair through the silicone bead – so now your hair should be through the bead and the bead should be sitting close to your roots. Step 4: Insert the feathers, bonded side toward the roots, into the bead – squeeze the bead flat with pliers. Pliers do NOT come with this set. How to Remove Extension: Take your pliers and lightly crimp your bead on the folded edges toward the center of your bead to open the bead slightly so the bead and extension slide off your hair strands. ABOUT EXTENSION COLORS: We will try our best to ship out the 20 designs as pictured. However, there are times that a particular designs dye coloring can be off from what is viewed or it maybe out of stock. In this case, you may receive different colors, however you are guaranteed to receive 20 unique designs that fits the description.

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