Can you flat iron a cosplay wig?

Question by Fading Thoughts: Can you flat iron a cosplay wig?
I bought a blue wig I turned it into a cosplay wig and its synthetic is it possible to flat iron it?

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Answer by C.C.
A flat iron would probably melt the hair b/c its not real hair

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4 thoughts on “Can you flat iron a cosplay wig?

  1. Hikari

    Depends if the wig is heat resistant. Is it kanekalon and Elora fiber? Both of those are common cosplay wig fibers and are. Heat resistance depends on the wig. I have one that is 180 degrees and another that is 240 degrees. That’s the limit I can heat the wig until it will be warped.

    Of course always start with a low temp and flat iron or curl an hidden part of the wig until you find the perfect temp you can do all the way around.

    There’s also the hot water straightening method:
    The blow dryer method:

    Personally, if it’s a short wig, I use the hot water method. If it’s a long with I use a straightener because it won’t tangle unlike wet wigs.


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