can you get the wigs from display models?

Question by believeinme: can you get the wigs from display models?
Can you go to a store like Le Chateau and ask for the wigs on the dummies in the window?? would they give them to you when theyre done with them? or could you buy them? how much?

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Answer by inimyaudi
i’m sure they re-use them, but it never hurts to ask- stores will do anything to stay profitable these days.

also, try checking the yellow pages for a wig store in your area.

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  1. Home treasure

    Don’t ask -Don’t get! I worked with a brilliant fundraiser she used to make me wince! “I’m just going in here to see what they will donate for…….summer/winter fayre” she has either been told the end of display date or had a phone call when they had stripped the displays from the window. So I say yes! Go and ask to speak to the Manager of displays. He/she can only say no, but usually if it is not required elsewhere or seasonal will be disposed of.

    Something like a wig may get you a discount as part of “Display Stock” or “shop soiled” the public can get very good bargains this way, but check condition carefully as not everything is in pristine condition. It would be up to the buyer to decide if something could be cleaned up as new or not.


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