Cosplay wigs/wig cap confusion?

Question by : Cosplay wigs/wig cap confusion?
I have some wigs and they are kind of bright like bright red, bright green, etc. and I was wondering if the wig cap color matters. I can only find black and nude colored wig caps and if the wig cap color does matter, where can I buy a colored wig cap? By the way, I have shortish black hair so it really sticks out. Also, what’s a good Gumi wig? My choices are these:



It’s going to be a Matryoshka cosplay so if you have any suggestions, they would be helpful and appreciated. ^_^

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Answer by GJNDRBLN
yes the colour of wig caps matter. and yes i dont see any other coloured wig caps . if ur wearing a light coloured wig, u shud wear the nude wig cap, if its a darker coloured wig, then go with the black wig cap. i like the one in the first link. its perfect 😀 . have fun !

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  1. Nicki

    Well, it really doesn’t matter to me the color of the wig cap xD
    We have colored wig caps here in the Philippines which I think is bought at Taobao.
    Usually I use the light colored caps to light colored(green, pink, light blue, whatnot) and the dark ones to dark colored wigs.
    I guess the color would be important if the wig has few strands.

    Now, I don’t know if this is the wig for Matryoshka Gumi,

    if not…

    I would recommend this:

    But if I could only choose from those 3 links you gave, I would choose


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