Do wigs prevent your real hair from growing?

Question by Mikela: Do wigs prevent your real hair from growing?
I gave myself a pretty bad haircut not too long ago and have been wearing a wig to cover it up. However, it seems to be taking a way longer time for my hair to grow out than it normally does.

For example, I usually need to trim my bangs every few weeks (I have straight across bangs), but since I started wearing the wig (about a month and a half ago) it seems like they haven’t grown at all. Same goes for the rest of my head. Is it because I keep it tucked into the wig? Does hair need room to grow?

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Answer by Dannielle
It shouldn’t prevent it from growing

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2 thoughts on “Do wigs prevent your real hair from growing?

  1. Kristin

    Yes, your scalp has to be able to breathe, remember, your skin is the biggest organ of your body. I hasd a friend that wore a hairpiece, to give her hair more fullness and because she was irresponsible with it and slept in it and stuff she started majorly losing her hair and so she started wearing hats which of course only exacerbated the problem.

  2. Rainbow

    Just like anything, hair does need room to grow. But thats not to say that it wouldn’t be growing at all.

    Also, I thought since your hair would be protected from everyday damage (sunlight, etc) that it might get a bit healthier and stronger….
    maybe go to the hairdresser and get it shampooed and treated (And trimmed if you hairdresser knows the meaning of the word, mine unfortunately doesn’t!)..

    and maybe on weekends just leave it out…

    even in a ponytail it would probably grow more…couldn’t you bust it into a ponytail??


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