Hairdo Clip-In Bangs by Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves – R6

What is it: Inspired by styles Ken Paves has created for Jessica Simpson, and test-driven by Jessica herself, these clip-in bangs add spice to any hairstyle and work on almost any face shape. They’re an instant, affordable alternative to a permanent chop.

Who is it for: Any woman who wants to try on a new hot look by transforming her style with bangs.

Why is it different: With a one-of-a kind, user-friendly attachment, clip-in bangs let you instantly experiment with bangs without the high-maintenance hassle of growing them back out. The breakthrough True2Life fiber can withstand heat up to 350F–straight True2Life fibers can be curled, and curled True2Life fibers can be straightened. Any style stays locked in place until heat-styled again. All color selections are made from a blend of seven to 12 shades to get the most believable, natural-looking results.

How do I use it: Separate your hair. Clip in the extensions, beginning with the center clip and then attaching the two side clips. For a customized look, trim the bangs to your desired style.

From hairdo by Ken Paves & Jessica Simpson.

One clip-in hair piece
100% polyester
Heat-resistant up to 350F
Made in China/Japan

Price: $34.00

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