Halloween wigs for cosplay, good or bad?

Question by Iino: Halloween wigs for cosplay, good or bad?
I am planning on using a Halloween wig for cosplay. I have to style it a little bit. The Halloween store doesn’t allow refunds or exchange so I worry about the fit of the head cap and quality. The fibers look good in the bag but I haven’t seen it taken out so I’m unsure.
Does anybody knows the advantages and disadvantages of using these cheap alternatives rather than getting wigs from cosworx or amphigory?

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Answer by Paranormal Kitty
You might be made fun of. It’s pretty sad to be made fun of by cosplay people lol, so if you’re into it you might want to spend the extra money. If you’re not really into cosplay and just going with a friend or something, it should be ok, just be prepared.

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  1. ? Rotary Dial ?

    Cheap wigs aren’t as durable as expensive ones.
    This is a bigger issue if you plan to wear it a lot, but I think it is not an issue in this situation. Here are some tips:

    – Long wig hair is harder to maintain. It tangles, frizzes and frays
    – Curly wigs are a big pain
    – Never apply heat to a wig. Synthetic wigs will melt. Wigs can be styled by adding rollers to damp hair.
    – Buy a bottle of wig conditioner and use a lot of it. This stuff makes it much easier to comb wigs
    – Use a pick or other comb with widely spaced teeth.
    – It’s OK to use hairspray

  2. Queenie

    Ask the people at the Halloween store if they’ll let you take the wig out and try it on. I know a few places will allow this, but probably not all.

    Halloween wigs:
    ~tangle easier if they are long and start to fall apart after a while
    ~look like wigs (aka not realistic)
    ~are cheaper
    ~might be the wrong size (I’ve bought some that ended up too big, some too small)
    ~are great if you only plan to wear the costume 1-2times
    ~are often thinner and so harder to style

    Good wigs:
    ~require a lot of care
    ~last forever and look like real hair
    ~are adjustable in size
    ~are made of kanekalon and have a skin top (just throwing that out there)
    ~even if they are thin, there are tricks you can use to style it anyway

    There are some pros and cons of cheap wigs right there. I’ve bought Halloween quality wigs if odds are I’ll never wear the costume again. However, there’s one Halloween quality wig I’ve bought that looks really nice and is still going strong almost a year (and several wears) later. It’s a blonde surfer wig. I’ve heard of other cosplayers buying that style and being very satisfied as well, so if that was the one you were looking at, go for it!


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