Hannah Montana Wig?

Question by akjlkjdklj: Hannah Montana Wig?
I’m doing this play and i need a HM wig, are the ones from Club libby lu any good?

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Answer by clare m
umm…iono but check them out in kb toys and at claires hope it helped

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8 thoughts on “Hannah Montana Wig?

  1. alexa

    the wig from libby lu is crap.
    falls apart and smells.
    plus it doesn’t stay on your head!
    ahaa try googling or ebaying a similar wig (:

  2. MyKidsMom

    When we went school clothes shopping, we saw one in Claires.

    Dont know about the one from Club Libby Lu!

  3. ematzkow

    they r b coming very popular i c try any of the above mentioned places and their websites for the best deals and free shipping if u order online


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