Help buying a wig online?

Question by A: Help buying a wig online?
I’m looking for my first wig. I want a full wig that:

1. Looks natural
2. Has a good price
3. Is available online

I would like answers from people who have owned and used wigs. I can find several random sites on my own that sell wigs, but I want someone experienced with buying them. Answers to any of my questions are appreciated.

So…where do you buy your wigs?
Best price you’ve found for a good (not costume) quality wig?
Any eBay stores you’ve found that actually sell nice wigs at decent prices?
Anything I should steer clear of?
Should I only buy human hair wigs?
Any other advice?

Price is important to me.


Best answer:

Answer by Hey Jude
Human hair wigs are very expensive and you have to care for them as you would your own hair. Wash and set. I’m not sure the reason your shopping for one but when my sister had cancer and was looking for one, we got the synthetic hair because it needed little care and she was so weak. She got her’s from a beauty salon and she got 2, one for everyday and one for going out to places. Because she had cancer she got a discount but they still run pretty high. Her cost for 2 wigs was around 500.00 and that included the heads to put them on and the shampoo and conditioner and spray. If by chance you have cancer and looking for a wig, you can get a free wig through the Cancer Society and it’ll be real human hair. Hope I helped you.

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3 thoughts on “Help buying a wig online?

  1. Terri M

    I have bought about 8 wigs on eBay from time to time. I have had good luck with most of them. I find that many dealers are in China, but the quality is good. I bought a short wig recently, and I love it! It gives me a totally different look. It was a steal! The bid was 1¢ and there were only 8 sec left, and I bid and won it. It cost $ 15, including shipping. It was medium brown and really cute. Human hair isn’t necessary. I have bought others (blonde, brown, and black), should length or longer, for about $ 30. (I am a crossdresser and want to look as feminine as possible. These wigs are excellent for my purposes.)
    Good luck with yours.

  2. Queenie

    ~I buy my wigs from ebay or from local wig shops. Ebay is cheaper, but at wig stores I can see what I’m getting.

    ~Best price I paid for a quality wig was $ 30. It was a curly wig just past my shoulders in length made of, I think, kanekalon.

    ~I don’t tend to go to an ebay store twice, because they rarely have everything I need, but I just glance at the description and the seller’s rating to see if it’ll be a good buy.

    ~Don’t buy the wig if it doesn’t say what it’s made of, lists it as “synthetic” without stating the specific material (because if they won’t tell you, odds are it’s crap), or if it has a packing or ratting top. Also be wary if the same picture if being used for other seller’s items as well.

    ~It depends. I’ve heard human hair wigs are more realistic and easier to care for, but they’re a good $ 100+ more than a kanekalon one in the same style would be. So it depends really on how much you’re willing to spend. Fiber wigs can look very realistic.

    ~The best fiber for wigs is kanekalon. It’s very soft and easy to brush, plus it has a very natural sheen to it. Skin tops are the most realistic.
    Depending on your tastes, you might like this site. The costume wigs near the top aren’t cheap Halloween wigs, they’re more “professional”. And then, near the bottom, they have kanekalon or kanekalon blend wigs for more daily wear. They have good, fair prices and I’ve only heard good things about them. I’ve yet to buy anything from them, since they don’t have any styles I want or need, but I intend to if I ever get the chance.

  3. Gidley

    Human hair wigs will make you look very natural,I often use some wigs to change my hairstyle, don’t worry about it will damage my hair, I like to try different colors hairstyle.I often search wigs in the Google,,…,I like their products.


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