How can I paint part of a black wig white?

Question by : How can I paint part of a black wig white?
I have a black wig that would be perfect for a costume that I am putting together, but the character (Death the Kid from the Soul Eater series) has three white stripes from mid-front to mid-back of his hair. The wig is fake hair, not real hair. Is it possible to paint/dye/spray paint these three stripes in? What products should I use?

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Answer by Chrys
they have colored hair spray at Sallys Beauty Supply (and around Halloween they’ll probably have it in other stores too.)

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4 thoughts on “How can I paint part of a black wig white?

  1. Mike

    Don’t think paints are likely to work Mat. Try household bleach on just a small out of the way spot and see if it works … dilute it say 1:4 with water first.

  2. Princss4evr

    You can’t paint a wig with paint, because it will get hard and it will be ruined BUT I’m guessing they do have colored hair spray around halloween time.

  3. Queenie

    You’ll have to use colored hair spray. There’s no other way to make a wig lighter.

    To make the strips straight, put something against the wig fibers you want to keep black so that they aren’t dyed too. You could also just sew in some white fibers.

  4. HERshyKISSs4u

    you could use spray paint… or thats colored hair spray that comes out around halloween… but remember it’s not like realy hair … the color will probably not stay in very well if you use the hair coloring spray from halloween stuff


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