How can I repair my synthetic lace front wig?

Question by omggirllol: How can I repair my synthetic lace front wig?
Ok I had bought this really cute lace wig for about 60 dollars. I made a huge mistake by listening to my friend and i put moose in it. Now its really nappy and I can’t wear it again unless it looks nice. What should i do to fix this wig?

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Answer by I AM SO WRONG!
You can shampoo and rinse it. Do not blow dry it neither, you have to let it air dry or it’ll get more nappy and tangled. Afterwards, just use a wig brush and brush it out gently. Be careful not to brush to hard or you’ll pull out the hair. Don’t brush too much cause the ends will become split and we all know how bad that looks.

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  1. Queenie

    To wash, fill a bowl or your bathtub with cool water mixed with a small amount of shampoo. Lightly swish the wig through the water or press on it repeatedly to get it cleaned properly. Do not scrub it! Once it’s clean, drain the water and replace with clean water and swish/press until all the shampoo is out. Drain the water and pin the wig to a wig head to dry. If you don’t have a wig head, then hang it somewhere safe. Wait a few hours until it’s dry (takes anywhere from 1-6 hours) and then carefully brush it out, starting with the tangles at the bottom and then working your way up. Use only a wig brush or widetoothed comb. Don’t pull at bad knots, work them out carefully with your fingers and maybe a little conditioner if they’re really bad.

    To style, use hair spray. It works on every type of fiber. However, you’ll need to wash it out and redo it about once a week or more.


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