How can women wear wigs? if i would show up at work with a wig, people would stare all day?

Question by AdolfPorno: How can women wear wigs? if i would show up at work with a wig, people would stare all day?
how do women sleep with those things without it getting all itchy. And where do they get the balls to wear them? Dont they understand that others will know its not their real hair?
its understandable if you had chemotherapy and had no choice but some women wear a different one every three months just for the fun of it. The thing i dont understand the most is that they wear it as if its their own hair, which is not true! A man wears a toupet with shame, a women wears a wig with a sense of fake pride beyond belief.

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Answer by iheartveralynn:)
Just to inform you, not many women actually do wear wigs. If they do, then most of them take them off at night anyway. For others to notice it, it actually depends on how real the wig is. You can get very expensive wigs made of human hair and can look very realistic. Maybe the women you meet dye their hair, not wear wigs.
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One thought on “How can women wear wigs? if i would show up at work with a wig, people would stare all day?

  1. Queenie

    1. We don’t wear them at night.

    2. I don’t know about other women, but I wear my wigs for fun. Most of the time, it’s a part of my hobby. I do costuming. Most of the rest of the time, I just feel like a different hair style for the day. Wigs are fun to wear and less permanent than cutting/dying my hair, especially if I have a craving for a different style for just that one day.

    3. Strangers don’t notice and my friends don’t care. People who know I’m wearing a wig that day either compliment me on how nice it looks, marvel at the idea of wearing a wig (this is mostly the international students from Korea I hang out with), or are used to it by now and so say nothing. Strangers think it’s my real hair, not that I’d care if they could tell.

    4. I don’t wear a wig with “fake pride” or any pride at all. I associate wigs with costuming, and costuming with fun, so wigs are fun to me. That’s all they are.

    But yeah. Honestly I think more women should wear wigs. They take less time, effort, and money than the average woman spends on her real hair (though I don’t bother with such things) and are safer. Hair dyes and products damage hair. Wigs don’t.

    There’s also a touch of gender bias when it comes to wigs. For men, it’s a symbol of something to be ashamed of. With women, wearing wigs and other hair pieces is often a way to look more beautiful.

    There are similar gender biases all over. Women can’t sit with their legs spread, even though it’s more comfortable, or they’re looked down on. Women also can’t walk around without a top in hot weather while men can. Many would like to. It’s cooler. And many do within the safety of their own homes. But it’s a different story outdoors…

    Is there a particular reason why you’re so frustrated about wigs…?


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