How can you tell if a wig is real Kanekalon fiber?

Question by mollusk: How can you tell if a wig is real Kanekalon fiber?
I bought a wig from a seller who said it was kanekalon but I would like to confirm that for myself. Is there some simple test that can be done to determine that? I’ve heard that taking one strand and holding a match to it will tell you because of the way it burns or melts. Does anyone know?

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Answer by Sur La Mer
Kanekalon fiber is a man-made product.

It means it is FAKE, synthetic, pure as can be. Yes it does burns or melts, IT IS FAKE. Oh, did I mentioned it is F A K E?

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2 thoughts on “How can you tell if a wig is real Kanekalon fiber?

  1. Sandalilly

    Hi there,

    I am in the wig and hair industry and even though some sellers say Kanekalon, it’s unfortunate that they would lie.

    With Kanekalon, it is a synthetic wig, so no heat, hot iron, hair dryer, etc… should be used.

    The look and feel of it is what you really need to look at. Kanekalon will have a softer feel and closer to hair than most pharmacy cheap wigs out there. It should not be rough and feel like straw. It has a soft shine to it, but not like the pharmacy ones where they are super shiny.

    A better wig will have a skin top (gives the illusion of hair growing from the scalp), inside adjustable hooks and a comfortable cap design. Cheap wigs, well, you will see the difference :)

    Hope that helped a little

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