How come black women are incapable of growing hairs and always have to wear wigs?

Question by Spizzy: How come black women are incapable of growing hairs and always have to wear wigs?
black women cant grow hair like white, asians and others. why are they bald?

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Answer by Fizah
Well, that is how they were born
You have to respect on what they look because no one judges!
I personally think they are not bald!
They just have really short hair
But I know this girl her hair is long and she doesn’t wear a wig at all!
So the hair is all from god!

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6 thoughts on “How come black women are incapable of growing hairs and always have to wear wigs?

  1. Mejia

    beacuse weaves and extentions are awesome. Blacks can grow hair but beacuse of the harsh chemicals in perms/relaxers and dyes it damages hair. Now answer mine why can’t whites grow full lips and an ass? Most white girls are assless and have fish lips.

  2. Gabrielle =D

    They have hair. It is just shorter and harder to grow out. My one black friends hair breaks at the ends all over the back of her shirt and there are all of these little pieces of hair we have to brush off. It is just because their skin is not as oily as others and so their hair is much drier and that causes it to be more brittle and break at the ends so it basically breaks off as fast as it grows. That is why they put oil in it, like coco nut oil or avocado oil since it is so dry. They wear weaves to make their hair longer since it doesn’t grow past a certain length. Their hair is also a different texture and need to use relaxers to make their hair not so curly and nappy.

    Edit: my friends hair is a little past her shoulder and that’s her real hair. she said she could grow it out longer but it would take a very very long time and be hard to do since it keeps breaking.

  3. PalmBeachNative

    This is a very ignorant question. Im guessing you don’t live in a diverse neighborhood or see black people in person often but that’s ok. Black women are very capable of growing hair, I can attest to that. Ive never worn a wig myself either. A lot of black women choose to cut their hair short, it doesn’t mean they have problems with growth. Also sometimes you don’t see the growth because the person wears their hair natural meaning a lot of curls/kinks making their hair appear shorter than it is. Anyways I could go into this further but im not. I suggest you get a little cultered, maybe move somewhere a little more diverse.

  4. Yum is back AGAIN

    It does grow, but since its naturally kinky/coarse,etc its hard to tell.But the weaves are to make it easier to do their hair because its naturally afro-like but since because of slaverly they are not in Africa they really dont need their hair.
    And for those guesing this user is white the troll can be a hispanic asian or something
    just dont assume this troll is white


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