How do I make dreadlocks with a wig?

Question by Clarabelle: How do I make dreadlocks with a wig?
I have a long wig which I need to make into dreadlocks for a show. What kind of hair gel could I use? And how do I make the actual lock shape? It needs to stay in shape for quite a while. Also it’s not natural hair.

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Answer by Bballgal
ok i tried to make a wig with yarn one time and it turned out looking like dreadlocks!!! get brown thick yarn and tie it to a hair net

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  1. Ms. Mimsie

    I had a friend in college who used non water soluable glue to make dreadlocks with his natural hair. When he was tired of it, he used turpentine to get it out. ( I had a couple of weird friends.)


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