How do I properly care for a 51 inch long Kanekalon wig?

Question by yomi_of_gandara: How do I properly care for a 51 inch long Kanekalon wig?
I bought this super long wig for a cosplay (costume) that will take place at a convention later this year. I heard though that this material mats and tangles very easily. I want it to look nice for when the convention occurs and afterwards too.

How do I care for this properly to ensure that as little knots and tangles occur?

Also, in the worst case, how do I de-tangle it? Are there products that might help?


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Answer by Lexi
Try washing the wig with a fair bit of shampoo. Try 2/3 shampoo and 1/3 Johnsons Baby Softwash. This detanges, then use a conditioner, loreal elvive is good, Then spray some leave in conditioner and comb through. Then it should be ok to style 😉

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  1. Queenie

    Kanekalon doesn’t tangle as much as most other fibers, and when it does, it’s easy to brush out. I have a wig made from Kanekalon and just shoved it in my bag after an anime convention (I knew I shouldn’t have, but we were late checking out of the hotel >.<). When I took it out at home, it was a tangled mess, but the tangles slid out effortlessly with a widetoothed comb and now the wig looks flawless once more. If your wig does get tangled, there is spray-in wig conditioner that you might be able to find in beauty stores. A friend of mine owns three long wigs and uses this stuff on them to detangle them after cons, but it also prevents wigs from tangling in the first place. It's pretty useful. ^^ To prevent knots and tangles, keep the wig on a wig head and make sure that the fibers don't touch the floor. My friend with all the long wigs puts all hers on plungers to achieve this (there's a hole in the bottom of most wig heads that the handle of a plunger can easily fit into). Make sure that you keep the fibers untangled when not worn. If it starts to look a little frumpy from a breeze or you walking past it, then quickly comb it out before it turns into a mess or the fibers kink. I also hear that braiding a wig if you don't intend on wearing it for a while can help keep it safe. To detangle a wig, you'll need a widetoothed comb and your fingers, plus maybe a little conditioner. You should brush the wig starting from the tips (not the roots) and slowly move up inch by inch as you work. If you're having trouble running the comb through the fibers, then use your fingers. You shouldn't be too rough with the wig or you'll stretch, break, fray, or pull out fibers, and wigs can't grow those back. If you reach a particularly nasty knot, then either spray it with wig conditioner or massage in a small amount of human hair conditioner. Good luck and have fun at the convention. ^^


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