How do lace front wigs work?

Question by Mary L: How do lace front wigs work?
I am looking into getting a lace front wig. But before I jump in I’m really interested in how exactly you put one on and how can people not tell that its fake. I have hair that’s like 6 or 7 inches long so how would this work for me, and would I be able to part it all around and wear it in a ponytail?
would i just braid my real hair down and tape or glue the wig on

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Answer by pink_pugsly
i dunno

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  1. nexus2k

    You should buy a wig that has combs in it so it attaches and covers up your real hair. Some wigs have scalps all around, those are cool you can do any style, but most have scalps just in the front so you are maintaing a style. Don’t worry people will be fooled.

  2. naninanilong

    I sell Wholesale lace front and FULL lace wigs which could run from $ 700-1500 but I provide cheaper prices because i get it factory direct. See price below, after information.

    It is put on by either special transparent glue or tape. A lace front is lace only in the front of your hairline where your forehead is, ear to ear. A Full lace is lace all around your hairline front and back. The lace is glued or taped to your skin, and it is SAFE. This lace sticks out about 1 or 2 inches out of hairline and you glue it one, and it dissapears magically where no one can tell you are wearing a wig.

    The reason why Beyonce, Tyra Banks, Oprah ect wears them is because these wigs are hand tied and looks more natural than just a wig that old white women wear. Thats why its so expensive compared to a regular wig which cost under $ 50. You could swim, shower, exercise, tie in a high or low pony tail, ect…its great.

    I wear one myself, and my hair is 16 inches long naturally. I want thickness and more length thats why.
    You could visit my online store to see the few photos that I have or to buy one. If you search the web, you will see I offer the best price and quality.

    You could braid your hair, and put on a flesh tone wig cap, then put on the wig. Theres glue and tape for :
    -1 days wear
    -5-7 days wear
    -1 months wear
    You could buy ROOTFuel to apply to hair before putting on wig to prevent itching if you want to wear wig longer than a few days.

    I sell wigs up to 26″ .
    -10-16″=$ 360
    -18-22″=$ 455
    -24-26″=$ 540
    my online store is :


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