How do you get tangles out of a wig?

Question by : How do you get tangles out of a wig?
My daughter has a Hannah Montana wig that she wants to wear for Halloween. It’s a pretty big mess. I’ve tried to comb it out but it appears to be impossible. Does anyone know of any tricks to detangle the wig?

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Answer by mcandaya2003
well u could use detangler spray. u could try canola oil, because it helps to get gum out of hair and might be able to remove tangles 😉

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  1. reynolds

    My youngest daughter has been a dress-up fanatic since she could dress herself and we’ve had to restore many a cheap synthetic wig to a useful or costume-worthy state. Here’s what I’ve had to work for me:

    Get a static-free/low static producing brush (preferably) and/or comb and a mist/spray bottle. Brush/comb the hair, detangling in small patches from the ends and work your way up through small sections at a time. Use the spray bottle to kill the static and help comb through without pulling too much hair out.

    Hope that works for you!

  2. lagjan

    with tangled long-hair wigs…

    Get it wet, and use some conditioner on it. Then rinse it well, pin it solidly to one of those styrofoam wig-stand heads, and, dividing the hair on the wig into sections, carefully comb it out, section by section, pulling and tugging on it as little as possible.

    If it’s a synthetic wig, the curls will be permanent. You can, while it’s still wet, try to encourage it back into the original shape.


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