How do you keep a wig on while dancing?

Question by Twinkle Teddy: How do you keep a wig on while dancing?
I am wearing two wigs this year in my recital. However, they do not fit my head real well and feel like they are slipping off at times. How can I keep this wig on while I dance?

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Answer by brittany
tons of bobby pins. people wont see them when you are on stage, but try to cover them up with the hair in the wig just in case.

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6 thoughts on “How do you keep a wig on while dancing?

  1. dannielynn_hope_15

    GLUE!!!! Ever heard of glue gal?!?!?!?!?! Use glue to hold it on…… 😛 JJ I have no Idea how to sorry.

  2. VH

    I would ask a professional. Maybe the people who supplied you with the wigs- they probably know tons of tricks. Bobby pins work too, get some the color of the hair (i think there are brown ones and blonde ones) I hope this helped…good luck.

  3. Miranda B

    put your hair in a tight bun, cover it with a net. And pin the wig. I had to do it while in a production.

  4. pink_muttley

    i have to wear a wig too and i use heaps and heaps of bobby pinds if come fall out while dancing it doesnt matter mine do that al the time lol


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