How do you make a costume wig look more real?

Question by Coco: How do you make a costume wig look more real?
I am going to a fancy dress party as a Barbie doll and I have bought a long blonde costume wig because my hair is brown. I know it’s never going to look real, but how do I make it look more realistic? Right now it looks over-shiny and it’s a super platnium shade which looks very fake. The best answer gets 10 points.

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Answer by Sophie
get teabags and but it in a big bucket then put the wig in it and it will go a caramel brown

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  1. titan

    I would strongly suggest getting a better quality wig. If that is out of the question, then you have a little work ahead of you. Boil some water and test the hair in it. You need to determine if it can be put into hot water. Then get some RIT dye. I swear by the stuff for all of my projects, and have used it to dye doll wigs before. For turning your platinum blond wig Barbie blond, I suggest a slight mixture of Canary Yellow and Tan. And you will need a very big pot. Mix the dye with water as it says on the package. To tell what color you are likely to get, scoop some of your mixture into a table spoon. This is the darkest color you will get. Adjust your color as necessary. Boil the mixture then put in your wig. Leave it for about 15 min. Don’t let the hair touch the bottom of your pot or it could burn. You will have to find a way to suspend it. If your wig is made of the stuff i think it is, then you should now have a better color wig. When all this is done you will find the hair is very strangely shaped and messy. Hand wash it with some conditioner with warm water. Rinse. Set it up somewhere so that you can pour boiling water over it to straighten the hair. Comb it out and pour cool water to set it. You can use this method to style it anyway you like, using regular objects such as old film canisters as rollers to make the hair curly. Good luck.


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