How do you store spare BJD wigs?

Question by Moon: How do you store spare BJD wigs?
I’ve started a ball joint doll (BJD) collection and I want to know if there are any wig stands for doll hair, or another way to store the wigs so they don’t get dusty.

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Answer by Aya
I usually try to put the paper back inside the wig, wrap it in anything it came wrapped in (e.g. a hair net), and keep it in a box with nothing else on top of the wig itself. I’m sure there are doll-sized wig stands out there — they just may not be made specifically for BJDs. You could probably also make one with some dowels or an old doll stand and an appropriately-sized foam ball. But you would have to store them inside of something to keep the wigs from getting dusty.

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  1. cathugger

    Usually when I receive a wig it is fitted on a ball of tissue paper and in a zip-lock bag. If it’s a short wig I store it the same way. If it’s a long wig and has a long enough bag I may store it the same way. Those I put in a plastic storage box with just wigs and make sure they don’t get squished.

    Sometimes I have a hard to store wig (either really long or with a set-in style that curves outward or is just hard to pack) and for those I put a ball of foil over the top of a bottle to make a wig stand and store them in a cabinet.


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