How to apply full lace wig leaving natural hair out to the front?

Question by missy: How to apply full lace wig leaving natural hair out to the front?
Please give me good instructions or links.
And do you know how to apply the wig wit invisi bond because when I did my hair it did’nt look good at all.

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Answer by fomikiss

It’s really not too difficult to do. See the tips below:

1. You’d have to ensure you cut the lace on your unit right-on or exactly to the hair line on the unit. This means you may loose a few actual baby hair in the unit but that’s okay because your hair line (and your own baby hairs) will be visible to provide that more natural look.

2. You’d have to determine how much of you own hair you want showing from your hair line and either brush it forward or use gel to keep glue from going on it. You don’t need to pull too much hair out.

3. Of coarse, make sure you’ve followed all the proper traditional steps for applying a lace wig too (cleaning your hair line area with 99% Alcohol, braiding and/or wrapping your hair as flat as possible, etc.)

4. You’d apply the glue as normal, but it would not go on you baby hairs/hairline area that you’d like to leave out. Also, the glue will have to go on your actual hair.

5. If you’re using Invisi-Bond, make sure you put on 2-3 thin coats. YOU MUST MAKE SURE THE GLUE DRIES COMPLETELY FOR EACH COAT. Invisi-Bond won’t work unless the glue is dried and tacky to the touch before applying the lace.

6. Once glue is dry, press your lace it so it’s good and adhered to the glue. The blend your baby hairs with that of the lace wig unit.

That’s pretty much it. I hope this helps. Keep in mind that practice makes perfect. For more lace wig tips and tips and trick, you can check out the Love May Lace Wigs Blog & Knowledge Base:

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