How to dye a wig a different color?

Question by mase3600: How to dye a wig a different color?
I’m trying to make a costume (Lion-O from Thundercats) I want to take a brown wig and dye it bright orange. The wig is long hair, and I also want it to be stiff so it stands up in the back. What could I color the wig with?
I already have the wig and it’s perfect except the color. I figure there has got to be something I can spray on the wig. I will just toss it after Halloween.

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Answer by dev
why dont you just buy a orange wig?

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  1. SavageLettuce

    Considering it’s made from synthetic fibers rather than real hair, dying it w/ a home dye probably won’t work. You’ll wind up ruining the wig. I would say you’re better off getting a new one in the color you want….

    (Sweet costume idea, BTW)


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