How to keep a wig on a doll?

by MuJa K

Question by Doodle: How to keep a wig on a doll?
I have a ball jointed doll from Korea, and I love her to death.

I’ve had her for more than a year, but I can’t seem to keep her wig on!

Does anybody have an suggestions to keeping it on?

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5 thoughts on “How to keep a wig on a doll?

  1. Mommiedearest

    I wouldn’t glue it on as you may have to have it cleaned sometime. Try the velcore or you could use some heavy duty pins to go through the hair and into the head of the doll. Don’t try to do this by shoving it into the material as you could break or crack it, get a very tiny drill to make the hole.

  2. Diane B.

    I don’t know for sure, but there is some info and/or links on doing wigs on dolls at this page of my site which might be good:
    (… then scroll down to HAIR ON BAKED CLAY heads… polymer clay is plastic and so is your doll probably, so will be similar to baked polymer clay)

    You’d need to be sure to clean the head and/or wig as much as possible first (get off old glue, and wipe with alcohol to degrease) before regluing.

    P.S. Gorilla Glue or other polyurethane glues will usually hold anything, but they do swell when curing so don’t put any near the edges or at least wipe it away as it cures. More info on Gorilla Glue on this page if you’re interested:
    (… click on OTHER GLUES…)


    Diane B.

  3. Lex

    Definetely not glue. Use a rubberband or velcro, so it’s removeable.

    The rubberband goes around the headcap, and it holds onto the wig better than the resin 😛


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