How to lighten a wig and style it?

Question by : How to lighten a wig and style it?
Ok so got this wig thats supposed to to be dark gray however its not exactly the color I want. How can I lighten it and how can I style it to look like Yuki Sohma’s hair?

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Answer by Lily Fiero
OHMYGOSH!!!!!! You are like the first person in my life who has seen/read Fruits Basket!
Okay so, you can get this spray on stuff for your hair (cheap). You just spray it all over the wig. But do that after you style it. Styling: Um… Make layers in the front, then cut it in like a triangle chape at the bottom. I LOVE FRUITS BASKET!

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  1. Carandy1

    Bleach is the only thing that can lighten it. It can only be bleached if it is HUMAN hair. If it is a synthetic wig, the bleach will melt the “hair”. You would have to lighten it a few shades, then tint it to the color you want it. Bleaching alone will not make it a lighter gray.


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