how to make wigs less shiny?

Question by Kate: how to make wigs less shiny?
Synthetic wigs have unnatural sheen, which makes it looks unrealistic. so do you know how to make them less shiny?

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Answer by Sarah
HairSpray but be sure to brush it through or else it’ll be sticky.

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  1. Valerie

    Hairspray is a good option. You can also try:

    Baby powder or cornstarch. Coat your hands with powder then run through the hair.

    Apple cider vinegar. Soak wig in vinegar and water for 10-15 minutes. Shampoo afterwards as usual.

    These tips are from wig wearers at

  2. Snow

    Synthetic wigs are made of synthetic fiber, and this kind of fiber has some coating on its surface, which makes it shiny and makes the wigs look unrealistic. You can remove the shine and give it a authentic look.
    1 sink your wig in vinegar. Put 1/2 cup of vinegar to warm water. Working as a natural softener, vinegar can help to remove some of coating of synthetic wigs. It also can remove excess dyes so as to prevent scalp irritation.
    2 place the wig in the sink. Keep it soaked in this sink for 15 minutes. You may see white particles rise to the surface of water-this is the coating.
    3 Drain the sink. Rinse the wig with water int the drained sink.
    4 remove tangles in the wig. Brush the wig with a wig brush.
    5 put the wig on a hair stand and let it air dry, which may take you few hours.
    6 apply a pinch of baby powder on the wig when it is totally dry. And use your fingers to comb the hair when you apply. This step will make the wig look more natural for it can mask the last bit shine of the wig.
    7 brush the wig with a wig brush and shake off the excess powder on the wig. Ensure that you cannot tell the powder on it and that it looks realistic.


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