How to store wigs without a wig head?

Question by kay.mitch11: How to store wigs without a wig head?
So i recently got a Hatsune Miku wig from vocaloid for a cosplay and i don’t own a wig head, also it’s a long wig so a wig head probably wouldn’t be very helpful anyways. So i would like to know what are some ways of storing a wig without a wig head safely.

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Answer by Hikari
1. Rub your wig and pigtails with a dryer sheet. This removes static cling.
2. Brush your wig out with at wide toothed comb and wig lusterizer spray (DeMert is a great company). This reduces tangles.

Get a plastic storage bin (shoe box size, real cheap at Wallmart, like $ 2).
Take the pigtail off the main wig. Braid each pigtail loosely (it keeps the wig from getting tangled).
Lay down tissue paper in the bottom of the bin. Place 1 pigtail in so it coils the bin like a snake. Place 2 sheets of tissue paper on top. Lay down the other pigtail.
Lay down 2 more tissue papers.

Crumple some tissue paper and put it inside your base wig. Just like how your wig initially arrived when it had the net. This is so the inside is areated and bacteria doesn’t grow from the wig just touching itself. Place the wig in the bin (wig should be folded in half so that the temples touch–like a profile view). Place another tissue paper on top.
Close the lid.

This is what cosplayers do to store extra long wigs and to transport them to cons.

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