How to style a synthetic wig for a cosplay?

Question by : How to style a synthetic wig for a cosplay?
My friend and I are cosplaying for Supanova (A convention) and I have offered to style the wigs, because she will be busy.
Her’s is a short wig (cost about $ 30 from a beauty shop).
She will be cosplaying Road from D.Gray-Man (just google it for a pic), it needs to be spiky.
How would I spike the wig?

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Answer by Phantomhive Bubble
For spiking my wigs, I use Got to be Glued hairspray, Hold the piece of hair up and spray it pretty good and hold it up until dry. This can take a very long time though. So if you have a hair dryrer, (this is not recommended but I do it anyways. I think it makes things look better.) Put it on as low as it will go, and hold it a bit away from the hair piece that you have already sprayed with the hairspray. Not for too long though, as you may burn it. After this it should stick up pretty well.

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  1. Jack

    The above answer is perfect. “Got to be glued” spray and a hair drier does it every time. Just take your time with it. You could also consider buying a mannequin head as that will make it easier to hold the wig and also to see what it looks like on a head. You might be able to get mannequin heads on


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