Is it possible to clip extensions to a wig for more length?

Question by : Is it possible to clip extensions to a wig for more length?
About a year ago I lost most of my hair due to health issues, and I’ve decided to wear wigs until I get it back. The synthetic wigs aren’t quite doing it for me — they get ratty and gross way too easily even though i take great care of them. So I’d like to buy a human hair wig, but obviously the longer the wig, the higher the price, and I don’t want to splurge too much, so I was wondering if it’s possible to clip extensions onto the wig like I would as if it were my own hair?

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Answer by heartyharrrharr
i think it would fall off cause it may not have enough support wid false hair from a wig – so i recommend using a lacefrront wig:)

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  1. audrey b

    If you are going to buy a wig especially a human hair one invest in the product yes it costs more but you are trying to achieve a natural look. I am not sure where you live but if you lost your hair due to health issues you can have a custom made in the UK. Clip on extensions are attached to the root of a hair shaft and because there is no ‘root’ to speak of it will not look natural at all and there is a risk of the clip on falling out. Lace front weaves are not kind to the hair line and so are wigs. I am not sure weather you got rid of what was left of your hair but starting from scratch can be frustrating and will affect a woman’s confidence, however long term wig wear is not ideal in terms of hair growth. It takes a lot to embrace very short hair but there are a lot of quite famous people who wore their hair very short(as I am not sure of your ethnic heritage) I will mention a variety Sinead O’Connor, Annie Lenox,Alek Wek, Natalie Portman,Demi Moore,Sigourney Weaver,Marsha Hinds,Amber Rose & Kylie Minogue have all embraced the very very short hair look. Embrace your unique look rather than hide it. However the choice is yours in what feels comfortable for you.


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