Lace front…just a wig?

by [ I mean does it have a comb at the back?]

Question by laydee: Lace front…just a wig?
I went to my local beauty store and discovered the guy actually sells lace front wig. I was planning to get curly micro braids for my up-coming prom until I saw the [ I mean does it have a comb at the back?]. But I have a few questions… Is lace fronts just a wig with the lace at the front[ I mean does it have a comb at the back?] how long can you keep it in for? Because I want something that will last a few weeks[ very expensive to get done in the UK] Also, if it last for a while wont you get headache because half wigs give my headache after been worn for a few hours.

Would a full [ I mean does it have a comb at the back?] be more comfortable?

Thanks in advance :DX
HELP needed

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Answer by Sara
For lace front wigs, yes, it is a wig, as you understand, front lace in the front and machine back! that means the front lace parted is hand tied, while the other parts, they are machine wefted.

There are human hair lace front wigs and synthetic lace front wigs, synthetic lace front wig is very cheap, and indeed there is small comb in the back.

While of course, full lace wig is more comfortable, thanks!

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