Lace front wig help!?

Question by x0xomgitsmex0x: Lace front wig help!?
I am about to buy a lace front wig. What else do I need for the perfect wig application besides the wig and the glue..because i am going to but it on myself. THANKS SO MUCH! :]

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Answer by samel_camel7890
nothing else

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  1. honeykissed246

    Ok..I have a lace front wig (its beautiful but)…tried to put it on myself with the glue and its very difficult. Make sure you have the following items
    1.. Glue remover – I brought something called a citrus solvent
    2. Scalp protector – use can use 99.1% medical grade alcohol but I tried a 90% grade and it didn’t work very well to get the glue out of the hair in my wig.

    When I tried to put the wig on myself I kept running into a problem with getting my wig on correct in the front. I would put the glue on and I guess I was putting too much and it would slide…and not look right. I was able to do the back of my wig better (not sure how but I did) but again…the front gave me some problems. I will say that even with the problems I went thru I am going to try to put it on again by myself. Since I am having problems finding someone who knows what it is and how to do it. I did find one shop in my area but they wanted to charge like 150 bucks to put it on when I already had everything and they were just “putting it on”. It would be helpful if you had someone else to help you to keep the wig from getting into the glue. I actually have to wait for my solvent remover because I got some of the glue in the wig and I don’t want to ruin the lace or pull out any of the hair in the wig. At least if you had someone to help you, they could guide you and keep the glue out of the wig because it’s difficult to get out. I hope that I will get better as time goes on but its a great investment. I ordered my wig supplies online and am still waiting on them but you maybe able to get them at a wig supply store. Make sure that you have plenty of bobby pins and clips to keep the hair up while you are putting it on. Good luck!


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