Lace wigs or Half hair wigs?

Question by Leidys: Lace wigs or Half hair wigs?
I been wearing half hair wigs since i’m 15 now the new lace wigs everyone is wearing they are so beautiful and they look so real and i have been wanting a unit since forever but honesty im scares to put one on. i been doing research on the internet and everyone love they lace wigs but no one can tell me exactly want i want to hear . can you sleep with them on are they secure can your shower with them wash them and the most important can you wear it for week.. please help me im dying to buy one they are lovely and to be honest half hair wigs give me a lot of pimples on my neck please help .. thank you for taking the time to read this and answers my question i really appreciated thx

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Answer by Musa
every thing natural is nice I say

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  1. Randy

    I think one of the reasons you have such a hard time getting the answers that you want is because each product—-wig—adhesives—ect.—- is somewhat dependent upon the individual wearing the hair piece. For example: If you play a lot of sports and are perspiring a lot, then your experience is going to be a lot different than someone who likes to spend the afternoon reading a captivating book.

    My Aunt wears a hair piece and when I saw your question, I started to ask her for insight. She said that sometimes specific hair wig adhesives can help you achieve a bond that lasts for a week, but again it depends on your life style. She had similar concerns to the ones that you are having when she first started looking for lace wigs. According to her, the site that she uses has an excellent owner who is always more than willing to answer your questions on a phone call or via email. She really couldn’t say enough good things about the customer service.

    I’ll put a link to that site in the sources section so that you can visit if you’d like to see if you can learn more or maybe even give the owner a call. She said that he is very knowledgeable. Hope this helps!


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