Lace Wigs or Monofilament wigs?

Question by Jace J: Lace Wigs or Monofilament wigs?
Hello please let me know what is the different in Full Lace wigs and monofilament wigs both to me look the same, both cost about the same. What is it a different? Please let me know. Also do you use the wigs tape or glue? For monofilament wigs and also Lace wigs P.S. I do know this that Lace wig have Lace at the top LOL…
I would like to buy a wig what will be the best buy… Monofilament Wig or Full Lace Wigs

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Answer by Brianna’s Lace Front Wig
The difference between Lace Wigs & Monofilament wigs can be found at the FAQ’s page at

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