need some wig advice now!?

Question by mariam_razi18: need some wig advice now!?
okay girls i brought a wig after i chopped off all my hair because it was chemically damaged and shedding massively…can wearing a wig cause hair loss?…what about stockings or mesh wig liners…can they obstruct the air circulation and contribute to hair shedding and sore scalp (if worn regularly for some time in the morning but not night)…please give your opinions and share experiences. i would love to hear from those who are regular wig wearers or have worn wigs for some time while growing theri hair back .thx!

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Answer by jessica a
no!! if anything your hair will grow more from being brushed less. if youve ever noticed people who have dred locks have REALLY long hair.. its because they don’t brush their hair.
i wear wigs every now and then when i want to change my look with out cutting/dying/processing my hair… you should check out lace front wigs… (the wigs the celebrities wear) ther are sooo much more fabulous than regualr wigs.. they look so natural… but theyre exspensive…

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  1. Maggie

    It’s okay, just kinda sweaty and itchy. Like wearing a hat. Did your stylist trim the wig so it looks natural?


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