Q&A: full lace wigs?

Question by ? x X E m m a l e i g h X x ?: full lace wigs?
are full lace wigs bad for your hair? help please! x o x o

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Answer by Flawless Touch
Full lace wig aren’t bad for you hair. Matter of fact they are good for your hair then traditional weaving, and wigs. They are light weight and and look more realistic than a regular wig. As for weaving, it does not require you to use adhesive on your hair or scalp which can lead to breakage. The adhesive is use around the perimeter of the hairline, not between parts. It doesn’t weigh down your hair like when you sew in a weave. No weight is on your roots, that might cause breakage. They are easy to apply after some practice and looks great.

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One thought on “Q&A: full lace wigs?

  1. Cynthia S

    dont get it looks like a wig! and everyone will notice it and its embrassing.. and there soooo damn expensive like $ 500+ dont get it and tha glue sucks and will come off like a day later and tha hair in the back will like never stay down dont get it they only look good on beyonce and ppl who has stylist for that stuff.. trust me dont get it


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