Q&A: How do I dye a dark colored cosplay wig to pink?

by wezlo

Question by ??????: How do I dye a dark colored cosplay wig to pink?
So, I bought a dark-ish brown wig a while back and I wanted to dye it pink. Like, a lighter pink? I don’t know if this is possible but if you know a way, may you please let me know? Thanks a bunch.

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Answer by carrawolfe
Not easy to dye to a lighter color, call a salon and ask. If also depends on whether the hair is synthetic or human hair (which I doubt)–that could also have bearing on the colorant.

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  1. Lavender-Grey

    I’d try to use a bleaching method. There’s no way of getting the dark wig completely white before colouring it pink, but this is the best method.

    1) Get a bottle of bleach, just any old kind. You’ll also need a sponge or a rag of some kind, and some gloves.
    2) Making sure you’re wearing the gloves, dunk the sponge into some of the bleach and gently run the sponge up and down the hair length – think of it like removing nail polish.
    3) Continue this until all the hair has been treated and leave the wig to dry.
    4) If the wig is still quite dark, keep repeating the process until it’s a light/dirty blonde colour.

    Dyeing the wig pink:
    1) You can either use a cheap permanent hair dye from the shops for this, and apply it to the wig like you’re colouring a person’s hair.
    2) Another method is to buy some fabric dye from any DIY shop and get it in the colour you want. Follow the instructions on the box to dye the wig (Most say to empty the sachet of powder into some water, mix, and then leave the wig in the pink fabric dye solution for a certain amount of time specified on the box)

    However, in the end it might be cheaper to go online and buy a long-haired pink wig and then cut/style it at home. There’s plently of places online that sell wigs like that. But check out the prices of a cheap bleach and a fabric/hair dye because that method might be cheaper – it’s just a matter of if you’re okay with a little DIY or if you prefer to buy a wig pre-coloured.


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